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Get in my belly

June 30, 2012

I don’t remember exactly the time frame but back in the day I was a vegetarian.  I think this was around 8th grade until some time sophomore year but I am not positive.  What I can remember about that time frame is in 8th or 9th grade making tofu taco meat.  I remember that sophomore year I had a subscription to vegetarian times magazine and I did a speech in class on vegetarianism.  I also remember when I went to taco bell I would order the Mexican pizza without the meat and a cheeseburger deluxe without the meat from Wendys.
My parents were supportive of this diet so much so that my mom would take me across town to a specialty grocery store to get vegetarian lunch meat, pepperoni and hot dogs.  I have no idea why I started being a vegetarian or why I stopped.
Fast forward about 15 years and once again I am a vegetarian.  I actually am not 100% sure what caused me to stop eating meat this time around but I haven’t had any meat since mid March.  Although it has only been a few months and I honestly do not anticipate going back to eating meat ever again.  I read a few books on the subject of plant based diets and I highly recommend all of them to anyone curious about the lifestyle.  The Kind Life, Skinny Bitch, Engine 2 Diet and Crazy Sexy Diet.
To be specific I am not eating cow, chicken or pork.  I was still eating fish but I have really started to feel like a hypocrite lately so I kinda doubt I will eat fish again. I am currently not eating eggs but if I can find a local source of cage free organic eggs I may start eating eggs at home again (I haven’t missed them so). We switched to almond or soy milk almost a year ago and at home I use vegetable based butter.  I do still eat cheese but only when we are eating out.  If I cook a meal at home I use vegan soy cheese.
Eating vegetarian and even vegan at home is surprisingly easy. If I never ate out then being vegan would be a piece of cake but it is VERY difficult to dine out vegan unless you are at a vegan restaurant.
When I started this diet/lifestyle back in March I promised Mike it would not affect him.  We can still eat everywhere we normally do but I may not get a normal entree (salad and side items instead).  So far it hasn’t been an issue.
I have found some wonderful vegan cookbooks and cooking Blogs.  I feel I have a wonderful healthy diet and have absolutely no cravings for meat.
Just like I am not pushing my eating habits on to Mike I will not push them on to anyone else.  I am doing this because I feel this is what’s best for me. I still buy and cook meat for Mike. Now that he is the only one eating meat I can afford to buy him organic and grass fed meat which makes me very happy.

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