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Sunday (last) Vacation Day

June 25, 2012

I forced myself to sleep in today.  I was able to keep myself in bed until 9:15 (pathetic).  Our flight home dies not leave until 6:40pm so we are still on vacation most of the day.  My wonderful husband agreed to go back to my favorite resturant for breakfast.  Yummies is so yummy.  Gulf coast grits again for me but this time I was smart and asked for no shrimp, double grits instead. 


Clearly I hated it (I’m a fat kid I love food). 
A few hours of pool time followed by my idea of a balance meal. Foot long Veggies sub with a large McDonald’s fries on the side.
I never claimed I was healthy while on vacation.
We left the island around 5 to head to the airport. We are experienced travelers but today we failed at traveling. We arrived ay the airport to find that our flight has been delayed by 90 minutes. Epic fail. image
At least we did discover a bar in the smallest airport on earth.
The flight finally took off around 9 pm so we arrived at DFW (a real international airport) around 10:30. The most adorable 4 legged fur balls in the world greated me with loads of kissed. I had a Beagle asleep in my lap on the drive home. We finally got to the house around 11 and I went immediately to bed. Vacation over…5 day work week has begun. Blah

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