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SPI June 2012

June 21, 2012

Mike and I decided to use our 3rd wedding anniversary as an excuse to go to SPI. We have both been working pretty hard lately and we really needed this long weekend. 
On Wednesday at 1:45 I was still in a meeting but fortunately not only did my outlook calendar vacation reminder pop up but I also received an IM from Mike saying he would leave without me (I was logged in to a computer during the meeting so the other people saw both of these pop up).  I was shewed from the meeting and headed to vacation.  We normally fly southwest out of love field but we used miles for these tickets and flew AA out of DFW.  After a tall Blue Moon and TGIF green bean fries we were ready to depart.


The flight was direct, which was great, but it was on the smallest plane I have ever been on.  I hate turbulence.  We flew into Brownsville and I discovered the worlds smallest airport.  1 gate. I was way overly excited to see how cheap gas is here.  I just had to take a picture.


Dinner the first night was at Gabriellas Italian, one of the best places to eat on the island.  I had the adult macaroni and cheese which the waiter said would pleasantly surprise me. 


He was right.  It totally hit the spot.  I also ordered a Franziskaner Dunkle  and the Coast to Coast flight of beers.  I decided that I am only drinking fun beers on this trip.  Mike has the 5 layer lasagna and as soon as it hit the table he counted and found it has at least 7 layers. 


I attempted to stay awake for TNT to replay Dallas at 10 but I passed out a few minutes after it started.  Great first day of vacation. 

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