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February 4, 2012

Woke up and went for a 10 mile run this morning.  I havent run further than 3 mules on two weeks so I am pretty sore today.  I decided on the run that I definately need to have pasta on Friday night instead of Subway.  It may be odd but a whole footlong sub does not give me as much lasting power as a plate of pasta. 
Stupid me decided to attempt to cook/assemble a couple weeks worth of food to have in the freezer.  I have been in my feet 4 hours and I have made carrot cake muffins, healthy breakfast hash, chicken bruschetta quesadillas, mini turkey meatloaf, creamy Italian beef casserole, crockpot chicken taco chili, crockpot hamburger casserole, and stovetop chicken fajitas. I still have to make mojo pork roast, Thai basil turkey meatballs, white lasagna, and loaded baked potato soup.  Despite having expensive arss gel mats my feet and legs are KILLING me.   These meals better taste good! 

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