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I am a food nerd

October 29, 2011

imageMy wonderful husband told me about Anthony Bourdain coming to Dallas to speak at the Majestic and offered to get us tickets.  How excited am I that 1) my husband knows who Anthony Bourdain is and 2) that I will bet to see Anthony Bourdain in person!

During our trip to Cabo I read the book that made Tony famous and I loved it.  He can write or speak about the most generic things and he makes it hilarious.  I mean, really, a whole book about cooking!  Never would anyone think that was interesting but Kitchen Confidential really really is.

imageThe live show was more of what I love about Tony.  He made fun of fat Americans, famous food network chefs and talked about his travels and how he has the most amazing job in the world.  It was a good show until he allowed the audience to ask questions.  Holy idiots of Dallas.  “What are your skins?” “Where are you going to party after this?” “What are you drinkin?”  People really put a lot of thought in to their questions.  I wont blame Tony if he never comes back to Dallas.

After the show Mike and I went to the Capital Grill to watch the #1 worst Rangers World Series game ever.  Despite that horrendous embarrassing cluster-F Rangers performance the Capital Grill was great fun.  Who doesn’t love a $20 cheeseburger and the most divine french fries with truffle oil at 10:30pm.

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