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August 14, 2011

I read a few books while on vacation.  By a few I mean 5 (hooked on phonics worked for me).


I give The Help 4 stars.  Great story, easy and entertaining read.  Don’t miss it.


I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdains show and now I am a huge fan of his books.  This whole book is about his life in restaurants and its so stinking entertaining and totally worthy of 3.5 stars.  Mike and I have tickets to see him in Dallas in October and I am so excited.   


I am one of the few people who who have never read the Harry Potter books.  After I saw the final movie I decided it was time to read the books. 


While on vacation I made it through the first 2 books.  There are so many details in the books that I did not catch (or were not in) the movies.  Both get 4 stars.  I cant wait to read the rest.  Book 3 and 4 are on the way to my house.

Life From Scratch - Final Book Cover - High Res

Life from scratch was a book I picked up at the kindle summer sale for only 2 bucks.  I really did enjoy the book until I found out that it was all fake.  I honestly thought it was based on a true story and was totally bummed out when I learned it was fiction.  I would only give this 1.5 stars. 

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