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Tofu, its wicked good

July 3, 2011

I have recently fallen in love with tofu.  Its cheap, healthy, easy to cook, excellent reheated and can be flavored a bazillion ways.  imageMy current favorite flavoring/cooking method for tofu is roasted soy tofu.  All you need is butter, soy, salt and pepper and of course tofu (firm or extra firm).

imageThis is what tofu looks like, a big white blob floating in water.  Dump out the water, get over the initial unappetizing look and move on.

imageSlice the tofu in to like 16 squares.  (down the middle then across a bunch of times).  Slices should be like 1/4 inch thick.


Place the slices between paper towels and apply pressure to reduce the amount of water in the tofu so it can suck up more flavor and so it will become firm from cooking.


imageLine up the tofu on a lightly greased pan.

imageTime to apply the flavor.  I use spray butter and reduced sodium soy sauce.  I have used BBQ sauce, honey, and you can use just about anything.  Tofu will take on the flavor of what you give it.

imageI don’t measure but I guess I use 1/3 cup soy sauce.  After topping the tofu with butter, soy, salt and pepper time to cook it.  20 min on each side in a 400 degree oven is a good start.  Really you just cook the tofu until its done to your liking.


Here is what mine looks like when it done.  Mmmmmm Mmmmm good.   1 package of tofu works as 3 entree servings for me.  I eat the tofu with rice, salad, veggies, grits, on bread (like a tofu sandwich).  I like my soy tofu both cold and hot.  Its the best!  Dont be scared try it.

Inspired by KERF.

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