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Wounded Warrior Half Marathon

June 15, 2011

Last Sunday I ran the Wounded Warrior half marathon.  Last Sunday was a Sunday in June. I live in Texas.  June in Texas and half marathons do not mix.  You can tell how please I am with my decision to run a half marathon in June in Texas by the expression on my face in the photo below.  The entire 13.1 miles I am thinking to myself “this sucks” and/or “I am an idiot”.   The best part of the race was at mile 6ish when the guy in front of me took the last of the water.  Yes, they ran out of water at a half marathon in June in Texas!   Oh what a race!   Will so NOT be running that race again. 


Because I like to torture myself (perhaps something I should talk to Dr. Phil about) I did actually register for a race that is in July in Texas but fortunately this race is at midnight.  So while I will have to deal with the heat I will at least not have to worry about getting a sunburn too.  After that race I swear no more summer races (at least not in Texas)!  

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