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20 Reasons I Loved my 20’s

December 28, 2010

1. Finally reaching the legal drinking age

2.  Graduating from TCU

3. Visiting the wonderful city of London 



4.  Cruises to Caribbean

5.  Exploring the city of Paris

6.  Shopping, shopping, shopping… that lead to a minor obsession with designer handbags.  1

7. TCU Tailgates…Shiner Bock, Bud Light, Corona, Beer Salt, Modelo, Miller Light

8.  Buying a house and moving out of an apartment for the last time ever

9.  I discovered the Food Network, learned how to cook and now I love cooking.  If I could rewind 12 years I would go to culinary school instead of college. 


10.  Never in a million years did I think I would learn to really enjoy running but somehow I have and I hope to never stop. 

11. Finding my sweet Beagle Summer


12.  Adopting my sweet baby Blondie

13. My wedding wish come true by getting married on the beach!

14.  Reading books that I choose and knowing that I never ever have to read a book as an assignment again.

15.  Getting my MBA from SMU and only paying 3k for a 70k degree.  I love a bargain.


16.  Visiting the beautiful state of Hawaii

17. Finally trying Sushi and discovering that it is delicious.


18. Gaining financial independence (even though that requires going to boring job)

19. Discovering the greatness of specialty grocery stores and how cool new foods are

othgifts_1964_3499077220. Meeting and marrying my BFF, Mike.3

I am a glass half empty girl so I don’t have high hopes that my 30’s are going to be better than my 20’s but I hope they come close.  

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