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Long Run

September 26, 2010

I was supposed to do my long run on the same path as a race today but I have a head cold/sinus issues so I slept in.  I had 90 min on the schedule and had serious doubts about making it so I stayed close to home and ran a 1.5 mile loop 4 times. 

Todays Route

Mile 1 – 11:58
Mile 2 – 12:07
Mile 3 – 12:20
Mile 4 – 12:24
Mile 5 – 12:06
Mile 6 – 11:44
Mile 7 – 11:44
.51 mile – 5:34 (10:52/mile)
As you can see from the mile times, I struggled a lot in the middle of this run but recovered at the end and was clearly ready to be done.  

Total for the day 7.51 miles in 1:30:01.  Woo Hoo! My overall average pace was 12/min mile so this is my fastest long run since starting my half training.  My only issue is a blister in the same spot I always get a blister.  I was hoping my new shoes would help with that problem but that’s apparently not the case.

7.51 All Done

Funny thing happened on this run, I saw my first barefoot runner.  The guy passed me and I said “Barefoot, wow that’s hardcore!”  His response “And now I’m going home to drink some beer.  I’m old enough but you’re not.” 

Barefoot Runner

Hmm, can you say random.  I mean thank you for saying I look under 21 but still random.  Those barefoot runners sure are crazy.

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