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Official Day 1

September 14, 2010

Because of all the rain we had last week my half marathon class was cancelled three times.  The coach decided we would all start over at day 1 today.  Tuesday is speed work day and wow, its hard.  Here is what my workout looked like 1mi warmup (12:06); 6 speed intervals 2:00,2:01,2:07,2:11,2:07,2:05; 1mi cool down (12:14).  I had a first today (yucky alert!).  Today for the first time since I started this running thing, I threw up a little in my mouth.  Yucky, I know.  I’m not really sure why that happens but my little bit of research says it’s because of too much lactic acid building up in your muscles, overexertion, or heat exhaustion.  All I know is that I don’t want it to happen again but considering its only day 1 I think I am a fool if I think it wont happen again.  Ugh. 

I met another girl in the half class.  She took Bills 5k class last time and this will also be her first half marathon.  She warned me of the pain I have to look forward to tomorrow.  Oh joy, oh bliss. 

82 days until White Rock Half and 166 until Cowtown Marathon

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