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September 11, 2010

Half marathon training group was cancelled because the trails are flooded so instead I ran alone in the park by my house.  The trail by my house was also a little flooded so my shoes got wet.

Trail Flood

I think its time to get a second pair of running shoes so I can alternate when this happens.  

This was my first “long” run outside.  The assignment was 60 min slow easy run.  At 73% humidity, temps in the 80’s but it feels like its low 90’s…I was drenched with sweat.  I wanted to make sure I was safe on my run so in addition to my Garmin and water I also carried my phone and pepper spray.  I put the phone in my iFit belt and hooded the pepper spray on the side.  Better safe than sorry.  The only safety item I lack is some sort of identification.  Maybe its time to buy a RoadID…hmm.

Half way point!

During the run I kept reminding my self how different (wonderful) it will fee outside in December for the half marathon and February for the full marathon.  I ended the run at 4.87 miles in 60 min so a pace of 12:20 and 600ft elevation change.

Finished and Glowing


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