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Half Marathon Class

September 6, 2010

Saturday was the first time I met with my half marathon class.  The coach is Bill and he has been running for 30 years, is a Boston Marathon Alum and so far seems to be super knowledgable and nice.  Everyone else who is training with Bill is a repeat customer so at least I know that people like working with him.  Unfortunately I am the only girl in the half marathon class so I will likely be running alone most of the time.  All of the other girls are in the 5k class so their workouts will be very different from mine.  For my first workout I ran a total of 3.75 miles! 1.25wark up with Bill while he explained his training philosophy with me (during this run I effed up my left ankle when I tripped, still hurts), then I ran 1 mile at max effort so Bill could test my VO2max, and the last 1.5 easy pace/cool down.  I don’t know much about VO2 max other than it’s a test of the how well my body can use oxygen, but apparently Bill will design my training plan based on my results.  On Tuesday I will get my training plan and will do my first speed workout.   I make Bill aware of my desire to go straight from half training into marathon training so hopefully the training schedule will keep that in mind.  25 weeks of marathon have begun.  I think I might keep an Advil count as a measure of how dumb this idea of mine turns out to be.

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