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My Friday

August 6, 2010

Wake up: 8:30 by doggies wrastling on bed
Breakfast: Whole Grain Ego with almond butter, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips and walnuts (he he)
Work on an off Friday: very productive
Lunch: Work Cafe burger, lets hope I am still alive tomorrow.
Barns & Noble: Pick up Eat, Pray, Love so iI can be like the rest of the world
Liquor Store: Pick up essentials in case of the end of the world
Dinner: Mr Jims
Delayed Dinner: Call Mr. Jim to tell him he &$%^ed up and sent me a olive and hamburger pizza instead of a olive and mushroom pizza. Who would want hamburger on a pizza.  Nasty.  what a idiot.
Dinner: I ate half a large thin crust Mr. Jims Olive and Mushroom (not hamburger) pizza.
Now: Watching project Runway from Last night and drinking Margarita #4 (despite it not being the end of the world).


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