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Goal for 2010 – June

July 1, 2010

For the month of June I ran a total of 54.43 miles. My goal for the month was 66.2 (minimum of 59.9) so June was kinda a failure. I ran 15 out of 30 days this month with an average distance per run of 3.4 miles (up from 3.33 in May) and average pace per mile of 11:47 (May 11:52). I am now -5.5 miles from where I need to be in order to meet my goal of 750 for the year. The slight slacking was caused by not having a training plan since I finished my 10k on the 13th. Although I do not have a race any time soon I do have a training plan/running schedule for July and August. That training plan will get me through the next 9 weeks until I start my half marathon class and go into real training mode. Despite the lackluster June performance, on the bright side I ran the longest distance ever (7 miles) and I completed my first 10k race in a time I am proud of. Looking at the chart above I can see my distance is improving. I still need to start incorporate some strength training and more stretching. I actually have a total of 80 miles planned for July but I only really need to run about 70 (planned in some slacker days). In July I will also increase my all time long run to 8 miles (woo-hoo). 750-279.6=470.44 miles left for the year.

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