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Weekend Plans

June 24, 2010

  1. Apparently my computer is possessed (infected with viruses) so this weekend will be spent transferring photos, music and other valuable items to a storage device so the Hubs can perform an exorcism on my computer.  The Hubs really tried to talk me into just buying a new computer because the exorcism will be way time consuming.  I’m not tech obsessed but the thought of a new computer does bring me joy.  I decided (so far) to try to save my 4 year old laptop (unless the Hubs can convince me otherwise).
  2. USA vs. Ghana, Saturday 1:30CST, Fox & Hound in Addison, be there or be square.
  3. Celebration of Lorins 29th b-day)
  4. Co-op pick up! Yea for organic stuff.
  5. 7 mile run scheduled for Saturday.  I think 7 miles kinda qualifies for the title of “Long Run”.  I’m a big kid runner now! 
  6. Shopping!  I haven’t bought a single clothing item since February and I am about to go crazy.  I told the Hubs I am going to go spend some money on cloths and he can buy DVD’s or whatever floats his boat. 
  7. Bathroom cleaning, mowing the lawn, cooking, laundry, dog walks, the usual. 
I Heart Weekends.


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