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Wounded Warrior

June 13, 2010

Wounded Warrior 10k was this morning. I set 2 goals, to complete the race having run the entire distance and to finish in under 67 minutes. I did not think finishing in 67 minutes could happen if i did not run the entire distance but I was wrong. I took quite a few walk breaks during this race because it was so stinking hot. I don’t know my exact time but its somewhere in the 63 minute range. Despite the frequent walking I guess I am happy with my results.
The 10k training plan I used predicted a finishing time of 1:02:34 so it seems like my actual time is pretty close.
Lessons learned 1)I certainly learned that its not smart to run a race in the summer months in Texas. I had planned on running another 10k in August but I think its too dang hot. 2) iPhone headphones are not sweat proof. mine shorted out around mile 4. I will certainly need to find some water/sweat proof headphones for the next race. Longest porta lines ever. Seriously took 25 min. Blondie came to the 10k as my cheerleader. My sweet Blondie met me at the finish line.

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