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Memorial Day SPI Trip

June 1, 2010

The Hubs and I decided to run away to South Padre Island over Memorial Day weekend. Because we have been to SPI a million times this will be a short recap.
Movies watched: Sex and City 2, 4 Christmas, Gamer, Dear John, Extraordinary Measures, Ghost Girlfriend Past, 2012, Tudors (season 3), Daybreakers (we made really good use of the Red Box on the island)
Food, food and more food: We stuffed ourselves and now I feel sick. I am off fast food for a good long while. Quick recap of meals: Wanna Wanna, Palms Cafe-3, Yummies, Waterburger-2, McDonalds-1, Taco Bell-2, Long John Silver, Subway-4, Gabriellas, A&W, Chilis, Quiznos. I think I might vomit just thinking about it. I cant wait to go to farmers market on Saturday to load up on veggies. I found a few new food loves. Grits, Subway salads and praline pecans.
Running: 1 bad run and 1 really bad run, after that I gave up. I look forward to a good run tomorrow.
SPF: 45 on body (70 on face) = 0 sun burn
Beverage: 16 corona, 24 miller light, 3 piña coladas, 1 Wanna Wanna, 1 bottle Crown and partial bottle Jager = no hangovers
IQ score: The last full day Mike happened upon a Jersey Shores marathon on MTV and we watched the whole dang thing = no doubt dumber.
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