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Goal for 2010 – May

May 31, 2010

For the month of May I ran a total of 56.55 miles. My goal for the month was 61.5 (minimum of 55.4) so technically May was a success. I ran 17 out of 31 days this month with an average distance per run of 3.33 miles (up from 2.62 in April) and average pace per mile of 11:52 (April 11:55). I am now 4.1 miles over where I need to be in order to meet my goal of 750 for the year. I missed only 1 day of planned run and 3 days were less distance than planned. The end of the month vacation is what caused my end of the month slacking. Also, some ankle and knee pain. On the bright side I ran the longest distance ever (6.2 miles) and I am close to being prepared for my 10k. Looking at the chart above I can see my distance and my frequency of running is improving. I still need to start incorporate some strength training and more stretching. I have a total of 66.2 miles planned for June (including my first 10 on June 13). 750-228.1=521.9 miles left for the year.
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