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Week 2

May 5, 2010

So I kinda failed at week 2 of the 5 week fitness challenge. Of the 5 goals I violated 2 ½ of them.
  1. Complete my 10k training each and every day – I am proud that I was a good runner and I did not fail on this goal.
  2. Not eat any fast food (except for Wendys grilled chx Caesar because it is healthy and subway)(if I eat at a real restaurant I will order healthy) – FAIL! Although I did not have any fast food I did choose bad at sushi dinner, uncle julios afternoon queso and tamale, monicas fried fish tacos, warrior dash turkey leg, pulled pork sandwich and dominos pizza. I am so ashamed of myself. I could have and should have made better choices. I have dinner plans for this Saturday so my goal is to be a good girl at that meal.
  3. Not drink beer or liquor (only allow a glass or 2 of wine and only in social settings) FAIL – I had college friends in town for the weekend so I did have beer and liquor. This weekend at dinner I will only have wine.
  4. Not eat any of the creamy wonder soup from work cafeteria – So far so good.
  5. Not drink any soda – this is the ½. I woke up Saturday night/Sunday morning feeling sick so I had like 1/3 of a coke zero. I default to carbonated drinks (usually sprite) when I have an upset stomach.
I havent weighed myself so not sure if I am on track for 10 lbs loss by May 26 but my guess is that im not. Time to step it up….ugh.

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