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Big D Marathon – 5k Race Results

April 12, 2010
Hubs and I pre-race.
Well it seems like the Big D Marathon people had some issues with recording chip time for the 5k distance so as of now I will have to settle for my gun time. I tried using my runkeeper iPhone app but I apparently paused it at some point so that screwed up.
Remember in this post I set my goals. “In that 5k my goal is to run (no walking) the whole distance and to complete in under 32 minutes (30 min stretch goal). If I finish in under 30 min I will begin a 10k training program and run a 10k on June 13 (first 10k was originally scheduled for August but I would love to push it up a few months). If I don’t hit 30 min or less then I will start a 5k speed training program to prepare for a 5k on June 12 where again my goal would be less than 30 min.”
Well, I accomplished the goal of no walking! Yea me! As for finish time, according to gun time I finished in 31:20. Although I did accomplish my goal of 32 or under I really really wanted under 30 so I am a little disappointed. On the bright side I placed 182 out of 599 overall and 20 of 86 in my age group (women 25-29). Woo hoo! Another bright side is that I shaved 4:59 off my 5k time (in only 10 weeks time). As of now I am not sure if I will start 10k training or if I will just try to improve my 5k time. Tomorrow is as rest day so I will decide on Tuesday.

Post race – it was fun running in the ghetto around Fair Park. Professional race pictures will come in a few days.
*Mike did awesome (of course). He finished 84 overall with time of 27:26 16/38 in his age group.

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  1. April 12, 2010 2:59 am

    Great job Leanne!! Im so proud of you… keep up the good work!

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