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April 2, 2010

We are having the carpets cleaned today and the Dalworth guy noticed the edges of the carpet are darker than other areas. He says this is because the air in the house is dirty. The way to fix it is to have a whole home humidifier installed. Typically I would think this is just a sales pitch but Dalworth does not install whole home humidifiers. The Dalworth guy was just offering some advice. He said he has had one in his own home for years and he never needs to dust. Apparently whole home humidifiers are only like 100 bucks so we will be having one of those installed very soon.
I did more research on what it is/does and this is what I found out.
Health – An Whole-House Humidifier can reduce the chance of upper respiratory problems. “Humidity reduces the incidence of respiratory infections and speeds recovery from the common cold.”—William J. Hitschler, MD, Archives of Otolaryngology.
Comfort – When the air in your home becomes too dry, your body is robbed of precious moisture, leaving you and your family with dry, itchy skin, and dry nose and throat symptoms. An Whole-House Humidifier can help alleviate all of these uncomfortable symptoms and more.
Protection – Dry air pulls moisture from walls and hardwood floors which leads to damaging, unsightly cracks. Valuable furniture, artwork and electronics are also subject to the adverse effects of dry air. An Whole-House Humidifier can help protect your home and its contents by supplying the correct amount of moisture to your home’s air.
Energy Savings – Most homeowners turn up the thermostat because they feel cold. An Whole-House Humidifier allows you to feel warmer at lower thermostat settings, saving up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat, according to the EPA.

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