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Goal for 2010 – March

April 1, 2010

For the month of March I ended up running only 43.57 miles total. My goal for the month was 42.9 so March was a success. I am now only 8.4 miles below where I wanted to be for the year so I can definitely recover and get back on track to log 750 miles for the year.
Looking at the chart above I certainly started the month off on the wrong foot but that’s because I was sick and recovering from snowboarding and on vacation. Once I finally started running this month I did become more consistent in both frequency and distance. I had a few aches and pains but nothing major.
I have 1 week left of the beginner 5k program and my next 5k is on the 11th of April. In that 5k my goal is to run (no walking) the whole distance and to complete in under 32 minutes (30 min stretch goal). If I finish in under 30 min I will begin a 10k training program and run a 10k on June 13 (first 10k was originally scheduled for August but I would love to push it up a few months). If I don’t hit 30 min or less then I will start a 5k speed training program to prepare for a 5k on June 12 where again my goal would be less than 30 min.
My distance planned for April is 47.2 miles.
750-105.4=644.6 miles left for the year

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