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March 25, 2010

I have been in the market for a new sports bra for a few weeks now and my first attempt, the Zensah Seamless Running Bra failed, not enough support. My second attempt is a sports bra from KALYX called the Uplift MAX and it passed. Nothing moves, super comfy (sold by bra size instead of small, medium, large). If your in the market I suggest you check out their website. More info below.
The Uplift MAX Story:
I grew up in Kentucky, and, have always been an avid equestrian. I was a member of the Equestrian Team in college, and, love to go riding whenever possible. I also played basketball in junior high and high school. Something interesting about these two seemingly different sports – unlike marathon running, these high impact activities require a lot of starting and stopping, twisting and jumping…I tend to think of them as “jarring” activities.
Based on our bio-mechanical research, the breasts move differently during these sports than when a woman is running for extended periods of time. When we created the EMBRACE running bra, we set out to break the “Figure 8” motion that occurs during prolonged running; however, for other sports, like horseback riding, cheerleading and basketball, a woman is not running continuously for extended periods of time – she is starting, stopping, jumping, twisting, and, especially when riding, bouncing about in the saddle. The breasts move differently during these types of activities, and, they require a different kind of sports bra.
For Uplift Max, we developed the KALYX “Power Sling,” and, used strategically placed mesh panels and reinforced seams to add support in unexpected places, giving the breasts more support during jarring activities. This sports bra is the true workhorse of the KALYX collection – it’s a seriously sophisticated support bra that still looks stylish and feels great.
A review from Redhead Running and Erica Running
20% off through March 31, 2010. Just type it in at checkout: RedHead20

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  1. March 25, 2010 8:37 pm

    Hi Leanne! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Before morning workouts I do usually eat either a piece of bread with PB or like a Heart Thrive bar…so around 150 calories or so if I'm going to be going for over 30 minutes will ensure I've got energy and no tummy anger!

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