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Compression Socks

March 23, 2010

Since I have started this adventure in running I am having a lot of problems with my calves. Stretching and ice was not working (and I am to motivated to rest) so I decided to purchase some compression socks. I tried the Zensah socks first and although I ordered a small they were way loose. I looked around more and opted to try The Recovery Socks. Not only do these fit better but they had a sale where I got 3 pair for $70 vs Zensah 1 pair for $50. As far as how well they work, I am not sure. They certainly feel good when I have them on. I am only running 3 miles a day and although I am sore and my legs are tired I kinda think I need to be sore and tired enough for the socks to work. Maybe? For now lets say the results are inconclusive and I will update as needed. Reviews that led me to The Recovery Sock

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  1. March 24, 2010 10:46 pm

    thanks for the comment on my blog! I can't believe they actually SELL stuff like that. That's crazy. The way I saw it taught was basically the same thing, but with syren wrap, instead of actual plastic devices. :p Hope the recovery socks give your calvies some relief!

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