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My First Co-Op!

March 21, 2010

Yummy! Drooling! Today I picked up my first organic fruit and vegetable co-op and I am so excited! I only paid $25 for all this stuff and its all organic! So far I have only taste tested a pear and it was way good. Tomorrow I will have to plan out what to do with all this stuff. Seriously, if I make my meal plan around these items I will be wicked healthy. Below is a detailed list of what came in my case. This is only my first week but I already love it and suggest everyone join a co-op

Mizuna Local, Organic Greens 2 oz
Carrots, Baby Peeled 1/2 lb
Eggplant, Globe 1
Lettuce, Romaine 1
Mushrooms, White 4 oz
Onions, Yellow 4
Peppers, Sweet Mixed 1/2 pt
Tomatoes, Roma (Plum) 2
Yams, Medium 2
Apples, Pink Lady 3
Avocados, Hass 1
Oranges, Navel 4
Pears, Anjou 3
Tangelos, Minneola 4
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