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My Day in Court

March 6, 2010


Bad Leanne received a speeding ticket back in December and instead of taking care of the paperwork immediately I procrastinated. My paperwork was due on March 4 but I did not have the copy of my drivers record so I was unable to send in the paperwork before I left for vacation. When I called the court house to see what to do they said I would have to turn in the paperwork in person and meet with the judge. Yikes! Around noon today I the fantastic FedEx man arrived with my driving record. Even though I am still sick I decided to be a good law abiding citizen and go to the court house to turn in the paperwork. Little did I know today was”get out of jail free” day for all those with warrants in Arlington. Apparently Arlington sent out notices (on neon yellow paper) to all the non-law-abiding citizens who received tickets in Arlington, saying if you don’t take care of your ticket by today then tomorrow a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Oh my long line and boy was I happy to be carrying my mace. I thought it was bad that my paperwork was 1 day late but that is nothing compared to everyone else at court today. What happens in life to cause me to be law abiding and all the other people in line to not give a crap. I just cannot believe how people refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions. Please don’t be one of those pathetic people. It turns out I picked the right day to go to court. They so did not care about my stuffing being 1 day late because they were too busy with all the real criminals.

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