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South Lake Tahoe, California

March 5, 2010
Mike and I arrived at RNO around 9pm on Friday night and then waited for 2 hours in the airport for the South Tahoe Express (which turned out to be not so express) left for the drive to our hotel. It was 1130pm when we left the airport and we did not get to our room until 216am. On the way the bus had to pull over and the driver put chains on the tires because we were driving in a complete blizzard (at least to my Texas standards).
We were smart enough to not plan to snowboard on Saturday because we knew we were getting in so late the night before. I get excited when I go on vacation so even though I went to bed at 3am I woke up at 730. Being the good girl that I am I went for a run on the treadmill. I dont what type of treadmill I was on but it was so nice. I had a cool view of the pool from my treadmill.

Mikes GIANT pancakes.  I treated myself to a Bloody Mary and a healthy omelet.

After a fantastic breakfast at Driftwood Cafe in Heavenly Village we did the tourist thing.

Before long my “winter coat” was not working in the blizzard so we just relaxed in the room.

For dinner that night Mike and I went to Mc’Ps Pub. I enjoyed a few of my fav type of beer, hefferveisen.

We rented our equipment on Saturday and I just had to try on the wicked cool boots with my pj’s.  These boots turn out to be evil and insanely uncomfortable.
On Sunday we had snowboarding lessons starting at 10am. The day sure started out okay and I was enjoying myself at first. Slowly but surly my snowboarding fun stopped and my exhaustion set in. I ended up taking a pretty bad fall on the 2nd to last run and so I was extremely timid on the last run. Our instructor was smart enough to realize that I was done for the day and so we quit about 1 hour early.
Let the pain begin. I had no idea that snow boarding would make me so exhagusted. I think I was in bed by 830pm. The next morning was awful. I was aching and so not in the mood to snowboard again that day. The only good part of the day was the view from the gondola. 
I was defeated. I only did every other run. I was in so much pain from the day before that I was being overly cautious and that caused me to over correct and I was just falling constantly. After lunch I gave up and sat in the Umbrella Bar while Mike went to more advanced runs. I drowned my sorrows in Jagermeister and Red Bull while Mike dang near killed himself. After Monday, day 2 of our snowboarding career, Mike and I both agreed we would never snowboard again. Mike likes to ski so I will try to learn that but I may just be too old to learn.
Mike on the ride down the gondola.

I convinced Mike to go in the hot tub with me. So funny that it can be so cold and snowing but I’m in a bathing suit.

Dont you just love my outfit.
Tuesday was pretty much a blur because I was sick. Wednesday I was feeling good enough to go out to lunch so we went to Fire&Ice. Basically the same food as Genghis Grill, after not really eating much the day before it totally hit the spot.
We left Thursday and enjoyed the view on the drive to the airport. 

This was not only my first time snowboarding but also my first time in California.  Although I will never voluntarilly snowboard again I will certainly try skiing.  As of now I am still a beach vacation addict. 
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