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February 26, 2010

Its about T-minus 22 hours until we leave for vacation in South Lake Tahoe. I am so excited that I don’t have to go to work next week! We haven’t been on a cold weather vacation since 2007 and I have never been snowboarding. I have no idea what to expect on this vacation. I am going to try to be a good Leanne and eat right and run while on vacation. This is an active vacation so I will be sooo upset if I gain any weight on this trip.
Speaking of weight. I may need someone to sit on my suitcase so I can get it zipped. I refuse to pay for 2 bags so I am trying to pack strategically but if I shove too much in this suitcase then I will have to pay the fee for the bag weighing over 50lbs. UGH! Why cant airlines just charge more for tickets instead of adding fees after the fact!
Tomorrow is going to be a really long travel day. We wake up at 5:30am, work all day, catch a 7pm flight, land in Tahoe at 840pm (10:40pm Texas time), sit in airport until 11:30pm waiting for the shuttle to drive 90minutes to the hotel and we arrive at 1:30am (3:30am Texas time). YIKES! We are waiting in the airport for so long because I am cheap. I refuse to pay $180 for a cab to the hotel so instead I paid $50 for the shuttle and in exchange we sit in the airport for 3 hours. Savings of $130. BUT how much will Leanne and Mike spend while sitting at a bar in the airport for almost 3 hours. Keep in mind this airport is in Reno, Nevada so there are slot machines next to the baggage claim. I guess I would rather spend that money on entertainment instead of transportation. Maybe I will hit it big at the slots and pay for the whole vacation!

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