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Mike and Me

February 23, 2010

Google the big words to understand the funnies.

Thomas, Leanne M‎‎ [11:06 AM]:
I’m mad at you
‎‎Goodspeed, Michael J‎‎ [11:06 AM]:
I’m mad at me too
‎‎Thomas, Leanne M‎‎ [11:07 AM]:
Yesterday when I was eating my cheerios I was unable to finish because you told me all about Summers vomit
‎‎Goodspeed, Michael J‎‎ [11:08 AM]:
your hang ups about stuff like that is your own fault
it’s not like you even heard or saw her do anything
‎‎Thomas, Leanne M‎‎ [11:09 AM]:
I’m sorry I have Emetophobia
‎‎Goodspeed, Michael J‎‎ [11:10 AM]:
what a crap phobia
‎‎Thomas, Leanne M‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
your crap
‎‎Goodspeed, Michael J‎‎ [11:11 AM]:
you have Ablutophobia on the weekends
‎‎Thomas, Leanne M‎‎ [11:12 AM]:
‎‎Goodspeed, Michael J‎‎ [11:12 AM]:
I thought you might like that one

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  1. February 25, 2010 3:16 am

    I can't stop laughing… yall are too funny.. we need to hang out SOON!!!

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