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Can you eat a whole buffalo wing?

February 7, 2010

So, Mike and I got winstop for dinner yesterday. I was in the process of pulling a wing apart and, well, the sauce caused the wing to fly out of my hands and onto the floor. Usually that would not be a problem but Summer happened to be near by and she decided that she was going to eat that buffalo wing. She ate an original hot wingstop wing whole. I has been almost 2 years since we went to the emergency vet so I guess we are due for another visit. We have not gone yet because my internet research says that its good that she ate the wing whole instead of chewing up the bone. If she had chewed it then we would be concerned about it splintering her insides. As of now, we are giving her bread because it is supposed to coat the food and help it process safely. The internet also said to examine her droppings to make sure it comes out and that we should expect to see it in 24 hours. So far (after 26 hours) we have not seen a bone but Summer is not acting odd at all. If she were having a bad reaction she should refuse food and water and be tired and not going to the bathroom. Ugh. I guess if I dont see it by tomorrow night I will call the vet. Ugh.

In other dog news, I am proud to say that Blondie jogged with me for 2 whole miles today! I did not know she could go that far.

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