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C25K update

January 7, 2010

So I am 23 days away from the 5k and my training 9torture) is going ok. I kinda fell off the wagon and stopped doing the suggested C25K program because I’m short on time. On Sunday and yesterday I decided to just go for it and run the 5k distance on the treadmill to see if I could actually complete it and to see how slow I am. On Sunday I screwed up and ran 3.2 miles because I thought that was the correct distance but Mike informed me that I was wrong so yesterday I only ran the 3.1 miles=5k. On Sunday I took like 43 min to complete it and yesterday it took 41min. I looked at the results from the texas half 5k from last year and in my age group 25-29 the fastest female was 24 min and slowest 48 min so my 40 is not completely awful. I have decided to set my goal at being under 40 min even if it’s just 39:59.99. Lots of running left to do.

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  1. January 9, 2010 4:05 am

    I'm proud of you! It would take me 40 days to run that distance. I don't run. (Love the pic of Forrest Gump!)

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