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It’s official, I am crazy.

December 2, 2009

I did a really stupid thing and weighed myself when I got home from the cruise. I wont provide details but the number on the scale made me want to puke. So, I registered Mike and I for a 5k and I started the couch-to-5k running program. I don’t like running, I prefer eating, but I also don’t like being fat. I lost a good 20lbs before my wedding and I have pretty much gained it all back. Ugh. The 5k is the 8th annual Texas half and 5k and it is on January 30 so I have just over 8 weeks to train. The C25K program is 8 weeks long so if I stick to it in theory I will be capable of doing the 5k. It was only $15 so the cost wont keep me committed so I decided to go public with this crazy idea in hope that I wont weasel out of it. I completed Week1 Day 1 last night and by the end of it my left arch and right knee hurt. I’m such a wimp. Anyone want to join me in the insanity!?!?

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