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Delayed Realization

November 11, 2009

When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Inspector Gadget. I remember being fascinated by the book that Penny used. It looked like a book but it was actually a computer = “computer book”.

I will hold my geek card high and totally admit that I drew pictures in books so it looked like Pennys and pretended to be typing stuff in.

Keep in mind, Inspector Gadget was on TV from about 1983-1985. At that time my family had a Commodore computer like the one below so the idea of a full color portable computer was just crazy talk.

Well today I had a realization that Pennys book is now a reality (technically has been for like 15 years but I’m slow at realizing things). This realization came to me while I was researching the kindle. Hot diggity dog, the Kindle and the iPhone are so much better than Pennys computer book!
I’m so tempted to pretend I’m Penny and use my computer book (iPhone) to help me foil Dr. Claws scheme!

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