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November 2, 2009

I wear the heck out of some black dress shoes. I love really fun shoes but I often tend to choose the plain black flats or heals when getting dressed for work. I am currently without any really fantastically comfortable black flats or heals and I don’t know how I am surviving. My last pair of flats (RIP) were on their last leg when I choose to retire them and put them to rest in my desk drawer as my emergency shoes. Just so you know, emergency shoes are there in the event of 1) sudden heal breakage or other shoe related incident 2) I need to go to an area of the plant that requires closed toe flats or 3) I am wearing new shoes that decide they want to torture me. My black heals were the most amazing black heals I have ever owned. I wore them so often they only lasted 9 months. They were comfortable from day 1 and never once gave me a blister. They were only 3 inches high so I could feel tall and pretty but still walk a marathon in them. I cant find the right words to express how upset I was when I broke the heel on that fantastic shoe. I was going to take it to a cobbler to fix but after careful examination I realized the shoe had seen better days and the right choice was to put it out of its misery. I’m sure I will own many more pairs of black shoes in my lifetime but these 2 most recent retirees were so fantastic I wanted to acknowledge them.
Mike – I really need to go shoe shopping.

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