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Dear John and Kate Plus 8

October 8, 2009

Like many many people I like the show. I have enjoyed watching the kids grow up and well, I think I learned a thing or two about how to raise kids. Although the divorce rate in America is 50% (for first time marriages) I don’t enjoy watching it play out on television. I am a child of divorced parents and I did turn out relatively normal but I did not have cameras documenting every step in my parents divorce. These kids will be damaged by this. TLC needs to have a heart and stop showing this show.
Kate, do your kids a favor and pick them over fame and fortune. I actually think your a pretty good mother but you kinda sucked as a wife. I am not always the nicest person to my husband but the things you did just crossed the line. Accept that you messed up and stop bashing the father of your children. Get the divorce and move on!
Jon, stop bashing your wife. I know your just reacting to her bashing but I think you should just be the bigger person and hush. I know your wife kinda sucked but the young girlfriend does not look good. I understand if you don’t want to dump the girl but couldn’t you at least not flaunt her all over place.
I’ll get off my soap box now.

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