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October 5, 2009
things i love

1. long weekends
2. finding $ money in my pocket, old purse, drawer, desk, etc
3. my iphone
4. dogs, especially puppies

5. corona light, especially in the tall skinny can
6. the beach
7. when my house is clean
8. when something I ordered online shows up and I forgot I had ordered it
9. when Mike brings me flowers
10. when something I cook turns out so good I surprise myself
11. direct flights
12. waking up with Blondie spooning me
13. wasabi
14. comments on my blog
15. soft pajama pants
16. payday
17. when something that hasn’t fit in a while finally fits again
18. good hair days
19. tax returns
20. Food Network
21. HGTV
22. I live in a house with 2 humans but we have 4 televisions all with satellite boxes
23. trying to take Summer up (she acts like a teenager refusing to get out of bed).
24. salty food
25. pizza
26. jeans that are fresh out of the dryer and still fit
27. having a fire in the fireplace
28. coke zero
29. creamy horseradish sauce
30. fondue
31. friends that think i’m weird but like me anyway
32. spending hours looking at photography websites
33. gum
34. TCU tailgates
35. having my MBA
36. bagels and cream cheese (especially the cream cheese)
37. when high heels are finally worn in
38. post-it notes, all sizes
39. taco bueno
40. a really great dress, on sale
41. removing annoying people from my life
42. living 15 min from DFW, 20 from downtown dallas and 20 min from downtown fort worth
43. a good port wine
44. a good quality Chinese buffet
45. blue cheese stuffed olives, with or without the vodka
46. movies in bed with Mike and the dogs
47. the french fries at wing stop and chick-fil-a
48. my 9 year old TCU hoodie
49. mayonnaise and the people who eat it
50. salt and vinegar anything

things that bug me

1. turbulence
2. getting my finger slammed in the door
3. when i buy a dvd and can’t fast forward through the previews
4. people who cant stop talking long enough to eat, so the meal lasts forever
5. when people don’t want to try what I cooked/baked
6. the burn from eating too much wasabi

7. when I cant wear my TCU hoodie because Mike had his on first
8. not having a great career like I always thought I would
9. only getting 120hrs of vacation time and 40hrs of sick time
10. the fact that I am freaked out about scuba diving
11. having a great idea for an invention then discovering it already exists
12. when people talk about vomit while im eating
13. when people say my food looks gross
14. people who make noises while eating
15. when people have giant muffin top and yet still wear a mid-drift baring or tight shirt
16. when a new recipe turns out yucky
17. how had it is to learn photography
18. property tax–shouldn’t i only have to pay that the year i buy the property?
19. staff meetings
20. family members expecting me to get knocked up any day now
21. so many recipes so few meals/mouths
22. my inability to make a really good french onion soup
23. ponytail bump
24. paper cuts, especially in the joints of my fingers
25. pumping gas26. the girlie doctor
27. muddy dog paws
28. the sight, touch, smell of raw chicken
29. getting oil changes
30. screaming children (not babies, children) in restaurants or on planes
31. the importance of a fantastic resume
32. the dentist
33. biting into fatty meat, especially chicken
34. my ever slowing metabolism
35. when i check the mail and there are only bills
36. bottle of wine at restaurant $70, same bottle at tom thumb $25
37. goose bumps while trying to shave
38. most of the really good shows (dexter, entourage, weeds, californication) are on channels we don’t get
39. the notice from the social security administration that tells me how much retirement I can collect at the age of sixty-freaking-two
40. the time it takes to take down a Christmas tree
41. not getting cell service
42. people who think im a loose cannon
43. queso that is too runny
44. when people speak other languages at the nail salon. i know you are making fun of me
45. people who think sororities are stupid
46. slutty halloween costumes
47. when a waiter brings me a drink without a straw
48. working in a cubicle
49. $20 co-pay and the doctor tells me there is nothing they can do for the common cold
50. my tramp stamp and the fact that my dad calls it a tramp stamp
2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 6, 2009 2:32 am

    I'm not married yet. You can force them on me. Someday… 🙂

  2. October 7, 2009 4:18 am

    I talk about vomit while you're eating. Sorry.

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