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September 30, 2009

1. I love popcorn. I think this love was passed down in my DNA from my mother. In the last year I have been experimenting with ways to flavor my popcorn and I have 4 fantastic ideas.
Chili powder – Thanks to my Iron Chef Cat Cora who mixed ancho chili powder with maple syrup, I came up with the idea of butter and chili powder. Don’t be afraid, chili powder is not spicy, it just has amazing smokey yummy flavor.
Buffalo sauce – Mike and I are buffalo sauce addicts. I happened to be feeling crazy and so I put it on popcorn. Although the popcorn is a little soggy it is fantastic. Just remember you cannot share buffalo popcorn with you dogs no matter how cute they are and how much they beg.
Parmesan Cheese – Its cheese; everyone loves cheese.
Balsamic Vinegar and salt- This is by far my most favorite pairing with popcorn. I love salt and vinegar anything! I only discovered this pairing a few days ago and for some reason I do not have red or white wine vinegar in the house (and I say I love to cook). This weekend I will buy both kinds of vinegar and I will let you know how it it (i suspect it will be even better than balsamic).

2. Our neighboor just stopped by and told us that there have been 2 home break ins and 2 car break ins in our hood in the last few months. HOLY CRAP! I have already been through a home invasion and I cannot do it again. WTH! He was gathering signatures so we can get crime watch signs for free from the city. I told him I will do anything to help. No words can describe how shocked I am right now. My current home has not been broken into but I still feel violated. How dare some stupid person break into homes in my neighborhood! No pity for those thieves!

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