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Prequel? 1st or 4th?

September 27, 2009

Mike and I watched Wolverine tonight and while the movie was fine (like 6 of 10) I decided I cant stand a prequel. After the movie when we were discussing what happened with Katie and Scott I got all confused because Wolverine is a prequel and so my head seems to not grasp that when someone says “the first movie” they are not talking about the prequel but the actual first x-men movie. I know, I am stupid but this prequel confusion is one of the few areas that causes my blondness to shine. The other areas…I can never freaking remember what is gross and what is net. Its a mental block. I have a freaking MBA and I cant keep gross and net straight. Ugh. My other mental blockage areas related to proper grammar. Whom or who? Mike and I, Mike and me, me and Mike? Freak!

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