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September 24, 2009

It has been a week since I blogged so I want to catch up on a few events.

Saturday was the first TCU home game. TCU won and so did the girls at beer pong! Thats right! Allison and I beat the “masters” Chris and Brad at beer pong. Girl power (or something like that). Saturday was also Ferns due date but little miss Allison was kind enough to allow for her parents to enjoy an entire tailgate. I know Fern thinks we are crazy for being shocked that she at a full 9mths was able to be at a tailgate but it is a little odd. Im glad she was there; she is a champion and clearly a real TCU tailgate fan.
Tuesday I took a Discover Scuba class. I hung out under water for almost 30 minutes. I know millions of people have scuba dived but I thought that being under water for 30 minutes was so weird. Its just not normal. I have never done it before. It was cool and I think I would like real scuba diving. I am not willing to get certified yet but I am going to take the next step and take a Discover Scuba DIVING class while on the cruise in November. On Tuesday we were in a pool and it was only 8 feet deep but in November we will be in the Caribbean sea and 25 feet deep. Because of the Tuesday class I am not scared but instead I am excited. I would like to think I am adventurous but I am also a planner and so very cautious. It weird, the older I get the less fearless I am. Mikes sister who is only 17 took the class with us and she is amazingly fearless. I miss being like that. Dang responsibility that comes with age. I do have a goal for the next 15mths (before i turn 30) to be more adventurous but not the risky kind of adventurous. For ex: In February I am going skiing for the first time but I will so be wearing a helmet.
Today is Thursday and I am having dinner with my Dad who happens to be in town. BBQ is on the menu and I am starving.
Thats all I got.

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