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To Scuba Or Not To Scuba

September 18, 2009

About 2 months ago I got the crazy idea in my head that I wanted to start scuba diving. In typical Leanne fashion I started doing research and started pestering Mike. Originally I wanted to get certified the very next weekend and be all set to dive when we went to South Padre. Level headed Mike was not all about that idea so I calmed down and the research fizzled out. Last week I was bored at work and so I started scuba research again. The pestering paid off and Mike agreed to go for it. I called a dive shop in the area to get more information and I guess they sensed my moderate hesitation because they suggested we take the Discover Scuba class before we go all the way and get certified. The Discover class is a 1 night crash course that is supposed to help people decide if they really really want to learn to dive; I booked this class for the 22nd. I really like avoiding work at work so I scoured the Internet for scuba information. I watched a whole lecture on the 8 methods that can be used to equalize ears while diving (the more I learn about this the more worried I get about my ability to do it.) I also found a forum site that had discussion about literally any and everything to do with diving. After I read about how diving can mess with a womans cycle and the best method for securing long hair while diving I happened upon the Accidents and Incidents forum. Initially I thought the more I knew about mistakes the better prepared I would be to NOT make the same mistakes. Thats actually the whole point of that section of the forum, to learn from others mistakes. Well, I read so many horror stories that I freaked myself out. How stupid am I. Last night I pulled the plug on my research and I don’t plan on thinking about scuba again until the class on Tuesday. Ugh! The first time my research has had negative results! Wish me luck!
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  1. September 21, 2009 4:10 pm

    Let me know how it goes – I might like to scuba.

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