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Movie Time

September 13, 2009

It has been a few weeks since I saw the Ugly Truth and well if you haven’t seen it, your not missing anything. I love Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler but dang this movie felt so forced. Its one of those movies where all the best parts are in the previews. I love a good girlie movie but this one just did not do it for me. My coworker suggested the Hostel movies for a scary movie night in while we were in SPI. I was sick the night they watched the first Hostel so I only got to see Hostel II. WoW! Everyone else said II was much better than the first one and I was honestly very entertained. The movie does have a lot of blood and guts but not nearly as much as the Saw movies. I liked it and if you want to be freaked out to the point of checking the locks on the doors a few times then this is the movie for you. I had high hopes for this movie. I love both Julia and Clive and the movie looked good in the previews. Unfortunately it turned out to be kinda a dud. I give them a few points for originality but overall it was just not my cup of tea.

So District 9 was a movie that I saw basically no previews for. I think it had a really good showing opening weekend and I think I heard of it on the news or something. Mike considered it a nerdy movie so he never thought I would want to see it. Well, I should have listened to Mike. It was umm interesting….kinda. To me this is a movie to watch at home with my computer in my lap. I give it credit for being original but honestly I would rather see something else. I’m sure glad we went to a matinee so tickets were cheap.

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