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Getting Dressed

July 31, 2009

When I first started at LM I was one of the few young people. The company had an average workforce age of like 55 so being the 22 year old new college hire basically made me a freak show, but in a good way. Most of my coworkers actually had kids older than me. Some of my coworkers had the audacity to call me “the child” and boy did that burn my cookies. I did try to embrace the new college hire title but just as I realized it was more a compliment than an insult, my boss said to me “your not that young anymore”. Ouch! Moving ahead to today, the average age of the workforce has probably dropped to the mid 40’s. LM has really made an effort to hire lots and lots of young folks. There are so many young people that walking into the cafe reminds Mike of walking into the Main at TCU. As can be expected with an influx of young people the fashion at LM has also started to progress. The workforce is about half and half mom jeans and designer jeans. Its gotten so bad (as in so much like a fashion show) that I feel pretty frumpy most days. In my area of cubes we have about 4 girls, all in the communications department, who dress like they are working for DVF or something. I have mean feelings towards them because they make the effort to look good and I don’t have the energy to do the same. Its not their fault that I am lazy or that I eat pizza hut more often than any human should (meaning i cant fit in cute cloths) but I hold my fashion faults against them. Bad Leanne. Apparently my attire has gotten pretty bad because Mike asked the questions “why don’t you plan your outfits the night before?” I guess my apathetic AM outfit decision is not good enough for even Mike. Sadness.

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