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Meat Coma

July 30, 2009

Mike and I made burgers for dinner tonight and they were so good. My coworkers were talking about eating at Kincaids last night and the hugest craving came over me. I spent the whole day plotting my burger toppings. I ended up with cheese, bacon, sauteed onions, and mustard. I didnt have any thing I needed so I went to the grocery after work. All day I was hoping the bakery would have really cool fresh cool bread that we could use for buns instead of the normal plastic bag buns. I ended up with a kaiser role that was topped with crunchy cheddar cheese. I even went the extra mile and got the good applewood smoked bacon from the butcher counter. Yummy! I was a girl on a mission. Mike mixed the beef with the Chris Allison signature seasonings. I intended to take photos of the goodness that Mike and I created but once it was ready I was focused on getting it in my belly. Oh joy! A super yummy homemade meal. Day 4 of 37 on Mike and Leannes no fast food pact until SPI was a success.

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