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July 21, 2009

So when I am at work and I don’t feel like working I open an email window and type a blog. I think I’m so sneaky. I also have a privacy screen so at most angles no onlookers can see what’s on my screen anyway. I am so clever. When I am pretending to work, I make sure I have lots of papers on my desk. This way, when someone walks up to my cube I wont just quickly close the internet or random email screen but I can also shuffle papers. Make it look like I am researching something. How wicked smart of me, right? I recently discovered the amazing Alt+Tab screen switcharoo. Looks less obvious when you use Alt+Tab instead of closing the screen and it quicker too. Just make sure that when you hit Alt+Tab the next screen is your email and not another browser with showing. Another tactic I have used is to copy and paste articles from an internet site into a word doc or an email so I can read them without it looking like I’m reading internet articles. I’m not proud of that one but I have not always had a private cube and privacy screen. I know…I fully admit it…I am pathetic.

Disclaimer: I am sick and I have no sick time left so I am at work and today is one of those days when I don’t feel like working.

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  1. July 21, 2009 6:30 pm

    Copying and pasting internet paraphanalia into a word doc is GENIUS!!! If we used word at work I'd so do that. You're sick? I hope you feel better! Let me know if you need anything.

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