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Movie Time

July 2, 2009

Very rarely do I laugh out loud at movies or TV. I just don’t usually enjoy manufactured humor enough to LOL. At least twice while watching Good Luck Chuck I actually laughed out loud. The movie wont win any awards and I would never buy it or watch it again but totally not a waste of time. If your looking for a feel good movie I do suggest this one.

I have been slaving away in a cubicle for the last 6 years so I really enjoyed how this movie reminded me of the time I spent as a waitress. I waited tables for about 5 years off and on and although I may have hated it at the time, looking back I have good memories. This movie really crack me up because it is so accurately captures the restaurant environment. Although I suggest skipping the nasty food part this is a good one time looking for a laugh flick.

I was worried this movie would really freak me out but it ended up being a good 90 minutes of entertainment. I sure hope people like the bad guys in this movie don’t really exist or if they do, I don’t want to know about it. This is no feel good movie but it does its job of keeping your attention and wasting time.
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