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Wedding and Honeymoon

June 24, 2009

The symbolic ceremony, AKA the wedding day was June 13 at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Tortuga beach, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Neither Mike or I had ever been to the Hacienda del Mar or even Cabo San Lucas and so we took a huge risk deciding on a location based on Internet research. With great risk sometimes comes great reward. The Hacienda rocked! Seriously, I am reasonably well traveled and I have never been to a more beautiful resort. The resort is not one giant building with a million hotel rooms but instead it is laid out like a community. I guess you could compare it to an apartment complex layout but with only like 2 streets and no parking spots blocking the view. The theme of the buildings is like mexican hacienda style. I just LOVE it! So much more character than a normal giant rectangle hotel.The grounds were the most beautifully landscaped I have ever seen. Every inch had cactus, tropical flowers and my personal favorite palm trees galore. I’m not just talking one kind of palm tree. Probably 100 different variety of palm trees and they all make me smile.
One of my most favorite plant life at the resort was the Mexican Fire Tree ( that is what the hotel guy told me the name was but I think he was wrong).Is that the most amazing shade of tree flower or what! The hotel has pools all along the ocean front and a few hidden in the resort. We were at the hidden pool with a swim up bar when we found this guy. Tons of lounge chairs and umbrellas so Mike and I never once got sunburn! The hotel has 9 places to eat (although during the day 4 of the places have the same menu). From the ugly number on the scale this morning I clearly liked the food.
We spent almost every night in the Tequila bar. We often ran into a few friends at this bar. The pina coladas are to die for as well as the lava flow. Yumm-O! My favorite drink of the week was my ol’friend Corona Light…IN A TALL SKINNY CAN!
I know the liquid inside the tall skinny can is the same as the liquid inside the glass bottle that I get in Texas BUT I really like the tall skinny can better. Its like champagne from a flute vs a beer stein. Ya know what im saying.
Moving on…if not for the heat, which is expected and uncontrollable in June in Cabo, the wedding location was absolutely perfect. I could not have found a more perfect spot to get married.
The wedding reception was at Palpala Fiesta which is the outside reception venue at the Hacienda. We ordered the Grill menu buffet and although I only had like 5 bites of food it sure looked yummy. They had like 8 different side items and 4 different proteins prepared 6 ways. Pretty much something for everyone (fish, shrimp, beef, chicken). I love food and I so wish I could have eaten more. I think the heat, tight dress and the exhaustion of the event caused me to have no appetite.
Although we had an open bar I was just not in the mood to drink much. Pretty much everyone else at the wedding made very good use of the bar…especially the tequila.
Instead of the traditional bird seed or petals Mike and I made the exit (or actually entrance to the bonfire) under sparklers. Fun pictures.
The last hour of the evening we all went to the beach and had a bonfire. To make the event even more awesome (and because I am one of the 5 people in the world who do not like cake) we had smores! Sadly I only have one tiny bite of one smore. I hear they were good though. The evening officially ended at 10:30pm (meaning the open bar ended) but I am pretty sure people stayed around the bonfire until around midnight. The weather was perfect and the stars were out so it was the perfect setting to sit around, chat and enjoy Cabo.

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  1. June 24, 2009 3:04 pm

    It really was the most beautiful location for a perfect wedding!!

  2. July 31, 2009 2:29 am

    I love that resort, I've been there twice. What a perfect place to get married, congratulations!! I also love smores, we shall discuss this more at the tailgates this fall…

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