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Legal Day

June 24, 2009
I know I have already posted pictures of the destination wedding but technically that was just a symbolic ceremony. The real LEGAL wedding (i.e. legal day) was on May 29 in the ghetto of Dallas. Mike and I were legally married in a court house by the Justice of the Peace, Judge Sepulveda. Here are some of our legal wedding pictures. After the damage had been done, Mike and went for drinks at Capital Grill. I heart the stoli doli!
After drinks Lorin and Logan met up with us for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Trulucks. Considering that the new season of Deadliest Catch just started it was only fitting that 3 of 4 of us ordered king crab directly from Dutch Harbor. I was so excited to eat the crap caught by Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit or maybe even the Northwestern! What a legal day treat that was! After I developed a food baby, the 4 of us went for more drinks at the Ritz. This hotel only opened like 6 months ago so it was my first visit. Very nice but I think I prefer the Crescent/Capital Grill.
Less than 2 weeks after the legal day Mike and I were going to be in Cabo for the “real” wedding so we did not really put much emphasis on legal day. May 29 was just a fun night out that happened to start in a courtroom.
The new legally but not really for really married couple.
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