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Travel Day

June 21, 2009

Most of the guests including Mike and I were traveling to Cabo on Thursday June 11. Unfortunately mother nature was not in a good mood and so 2 of the 3 DFW to SJD flights were cancelled, including mine. As we waited in the line at the airport I called American Airlines to see if we could get on a different flight. The lady I spoke to told me the earliest flight was Saturday at 2:30pm. I freaked out, told her that I was going to miss my own wedding and all she had to say was “That’s too bad.” I hung up on her and AA will be getting a letter from me about how agents need to not be 100% rude. Mike and I stayed in line and were hoping the counter agent could get us on a flight or would at least be more compassionate than the phone lady. After 2 hours in line we were able to get tickets on the 6:45pm flight BUT there were friends who were without tickets but most were on standby. We (Me, Mike, Fern, Chris, Coach, Kate, Laura) decided to get some food and beer at the airport and keep calling and waiting in various lines hoping they would be moved from standby to an actual seat. Over the course of the next few hours Kate, Coach and Laura were able to get a ticket but Fern and Chris were still #14 and 15 on the standby list. So we settled in at the gate and just waited…and waited…and waited. Eventually the 6:45pm flight was delayed until 9pm so we just had to wait even more. When we finally started boarding, Me, Mike, Kate, Coach, Laura, my mom, my step dad, my sister, mikes parents and sister and her friend, my aunt and uncle and cousins were all ticketed passengers on this flight; Fern and Chris were still on standby. So the door is about to close and finally! Fern and Chris come around the corner! They were the last two people to get on the plane! Hooray! The 2/3 of the wedding are on their way to Cabo!
The t-shirt would have been a lot more fun if we had gotten to Cabo at 3pm as expected. Mike did receive a lot of comments from other people waiting in the airport. Oh happy day! After our original flight was cancelled and 2 hours of waiting in line Mike and I did finally get tickets.My wedding dress sat around DFW for 11 hours. Our group took over a section of seats at the gate. Certainly a day I will never forget.

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