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Yummy To My Tummy!

June 4, 2009

My coworker Kallie has been talking about this stuff called Claude’s Sauce for about a year now and because I was never able to find it in my grocery store she brought in a bottle for me. OH MY YUMMY! How did I ever survive without it?!?! On Memorial day I took out the ol’ crock pot and tossed in a pork tenderloin, half can of coke and half the bottle of Claude’s Sauce Barbecue Brisket Marinade. 5 hours later the whole house smelled like beef jerky (Mike and I are big jerky fans). Summers beagle nose was going CRAZY! 2lbs of pork, the other white meat, were gone in 4 days. The bottle says any thing from shrimp to brisket is great with Claude’s goodness so I marinaded chicken for 9 hours and then we grilled them. Mike and I are chickened out so it was good but not as fantastic as pork. Craving more of the pork deliciousness, I stopped on my way home from the mall on Sunday and picked up some more pork. I thought I got a tenderloin but somehow ended up with a center loin. It did not turn out the same but just as yummy. This one only lasted 3 days. Needless to say, Mike is in LOVE with Claude. The next time you are at the grocery look for Claude’s in the BBQ sauce/marinade/steak sauce section. You will not be disappointed.
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